Revive = give new life, new energy
Thrive = grow strongly, flourish

A recent study found the following characteristics of baby boomers (people aged over 55)

  • You have little intention of retiring, and probably don't like the word "Retirement".
  • You are gearing up to reinvent your life and the idea of 'work', for your own satisfaction.
  • You are on a search for 'meaning' of who you are and what 'it is all about'.
  • You want to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • You also want to leave the world a better place when you die. You will volunteer and do charitable works.
  • You refuse to see yourself as 'old'. You don't rely on the younger generation to look after you, and expect to pay your own way.
  • You want to 'have it all' – do meaningful work and have time to pursue your own interests and the lifestyle you want.

Do you see yourself there?

You probably now have a very different outlook to when you had a young family and were setting up your first home. With such looming big changes, most of us decide to talk to friends, read on the topic, go to courses or find a professional person for help.

Are you thinking of retiring? Have you already retired? Are you going through or about to go through a major change in your life (such as a career change, change in your lifestyle or leaving a relationship)?

Here are some choices we offer:

  • "Rethinking Retirement" courses provided by community education groups
  • Revive & Thrive Coaching will arrange your own customised programme for groups of 8 or more people
  • One to one coaching

Contact us to find out more about our specialised retirement coaching services

Revive & Thrive Coaching

  • Holds regular "Rethinking Retirement" courses
  • Offers 'One to One' retirement coaching
  • Group Coaching (do you have other friends or family or would like to join with you?)
  • Workplace & Corporate retirement Coaching

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