Revive = give new life, new energy
Thrive = grow strongly, flourish

Are you interested in reducing your weight?
Worried about diabetes, heart disease or other diseases related to you lifestyle?
Want to improve your health such as getting your cholesterol or blood pressure down without relying on drugs so much?

We have all heard about our country's statistics on obesity and how we compare with other nations.
What if you want to do something about your own health and diet?
Should you go on a diet of high protein?
Maybe your protein intake is OK and you may need to have more unrefined carbohydrates?
Then there is the risk of eating too much fat such as animal fats. So should you be eating more fruit and vegetables?
Sugar has also been talked about a lot as the culprit in many of our diet-related problems. Do you want to reduce your addiction to sweet foods?

The range of messages 'out there' about what is the most healthy diet to have is very confusing. So where do you start?

There is no one solution. There is only a solution for you.

Once you have decided on what changes you are going to make to your diet, how are you going to stick to it? How will you stay motivated?

Have you thought about who will be your mentor for this important change you wish to achieve.

It is easy to see how we can easily fall off the wagon' and diet is one of the crucial areas of our lives where getting help from others is so important.

Revive & Thrive Coaching

Revive and Thrive Coaching offers face to face coaching as well as phone and skype alternatives.

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