Revive = give new life, new energy
Thrive = grow strongly, flourish

Ways that Revive and Thrive Coaching Works
We provide professional coaching with people who are wishing to make major changes either in their careers or personal lives.
We also carry out group coaching. Groups may be in a company or organisation, share a common issue (e.g. work alone, career change, retirement pre-planning) or it may be a group that just prefers to work with others.
Costs of group coaching: Starting from $20 per person per hour based on means, size of group, and length of programme.

We also work with several community education providers in Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand to tutor the following programmes:
"Rethinking Retirement" – opportunity to consider and plan for your next life stage. Covers all aspects of making this shift apart from financial planning.
"Self-coaching" – setting and achieving your own goals when you are doing it on your own.
"The Art and Science of Happiness" – how positive psychology is impacting on how we live our lives.

We will provide other courses within our fields of expertise on request.

Coaching credentials.

Ron Tustin is the principal coach of Revive and Thrive Coaching. He has been professionally trained both as a coach and mentor with Global Resonance and he is a Core Essentials graduate of CoachU.
He has been coaching since 2001 and established Revive and Thrive Coaching Ltd in 2007.

Ron's path to coaching

Ron's work and life experience has been all about working with other people. After working in public health he realised that no matter how much advice and support you may give to others, you cannot make anyone change. That change has to come from inside the other person from their own ideas and values – a good coach will skilfully help you to achieve this.
In 2004 Ron realised that his managerial position was not providing him with the fulfilment and balance that he really wanted in his life. After much soul searching, self-coaching and enlisting the help of mentors he decided it was time to move on and give himself a chance to shine. He moved from one end of New Zealand to the other and from being a long time employee to being self-employed.
Ron works particularly with people aged over 50 who are anticipating or creating big changes in their work or lifestyle – people who may be retiring from their major career path and may wish to do something different rather than wait for something to happen to them.
Revive adn thrive Coaching also has expertise in working with people who may be struggling with motivation. The coaching approach is based on the theories of Motivational Interviewing which have been well evaluated and work well in creating positive behaviour change in many areas of health. We have adapted this model for coaching people who are contemplating big changes but feel stuck.

Ron Tustin was trained in facilitation by Zenergy Ltd (
His experience in facilitation ranges from facilitating large groups of up to 200 people in conference settings to small groups of 6 or more.
He is skilled in working with men. He is a graduate of 'Essentially Men' ( He is also experienced working with Pacific people, Maori and older people.
Ron is a conference and meeting organiser and is happy to work with you if you are planning a range of different types of events.
Approach to facilitation
We believe that facilitation is about guiding the process – how you do something rather than what you do – the content.
Our facilitated processes include strategic planning, cultural change, internal and public consultation, team development, conflict resolution, creative problem solving and decision making.
Ron Tustin is a public health practitioner and senior health manager.
Some of Ron's more recent work experience includes:
Developing local alcohol strategies for local authorities
Facilitating community workshops on a variety of issues so that local authorities can develop policies and plans
Working with Pacific people and other population groups to reduce harm from gambling
Developing local programmes to reduce alcohol-related harm in settings such as water safety, tertiary student drinking, migrant populations, Pacific people, workforce development for people working in alcohol and drug fields
Developing contracts within a new funding model as team leader for Public Health Commission.


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